Yes on 100

African elephants and rhinos may seem far away, but Measure 100 is a way to help protect them. Poaching endangered animal parts is big business, and a cruel one. Among illegally trafficked goods, only drugs, weapons, and human trafficking generate larger dollar volumes worldwide.

The poaching will continue as long as there is a demand for these animal parts. There is a growing international effort to provide armed protection for endangered animals threatened by poaching. Oregonians can do their part by voting yes on Measure 100 and squeezing the market for poached products. 

Measure 100 will make it illegal in Oregon to traffic parts of 12 endangered species: elephants, rhinos, whales, lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, pangolins, sea turtles, sharks, and rays. 

This ballot measure follows the lead of Washington, Hawaii, and California, which have passed similar laws. Current federal laws do not protect these animals from intrastate sales with exceptions. This measure contains common sense protections for items containing ivory such as musical instruments and antiques.

This is Oregon’s opportunity to join other west coast states in combating the illicit trade in endangered wildlife parts, and shutting down the west coast to illegal trafficking.

Please read your Voter’s Pamphlet for further information and then join me in voting yes on Measure 100.

Phil Swaim