Vote Yes on 100

When Oregonians hear that elephants, rhinos and other non-native animals are victims of a mass poaching crisis, referred to as “wildlife genocide,” many think it is a problem that is worlds away. But Measure 100 reveals the shocking truth that poaching is driven by the demand for an animal’s parts and products, such as elephant ivory, and that wildlife trafficking is right in our own backyards because the demand in Oregon exists and we are the only West Coast state that has not enacted strict measures to prevent or combat it.

The United States has the second-largest market behind China in the demand for illegal ivory and other wildlife parts and products. One crucial step that Oregonians can take is to vote “Yes” on Measure 100, which will prohibit in Oregon the purchase or sale of parts and products from 12 highly trafficked animals threatened with extinction: elephant, rhinoceros, lion, tiger, cheetah, leopard, jaguar and pangolin, along with native animals like the sea turtle, whale, shark and ray that call Oregon and the United States home.

Portland’s prestigious Lewis & Clark Law School offers the most extensive Animal Law Studies program in the country. On the wall outside its offices hangs a poster from the Animal Legal Defense Fund that reads, “We may be the only lawyers on Earth whose clients are all innocent.” Animals are 100-percent innocent in everything they do, and they deserve our protection.

Vote “Yes on 100” to stop wildlife trafficking in Oregon.

Lisa Brisley

Lake Oswego