Save Endangered Animals Oregon rallies to collect signatures for ballot measure

EUGENE, Ore. - The November ballot may be 11 months away, but one Oregon animal rights group is trying to gain traction and awareness among voters ahead of time.

Save Endangered Animals Oregon is collecting signatures for a ballot measure to protect marine turtles, elephants, rhinos and other animals from becoming extinct.

The group held a rally at the University of Oregon Tuesday night to launch their campaign. Their goal is to get 126,000 signatures by July and get their measure on the ballot.

"Oregonians have a very long and proud tradition of passing laws to protect animals and this measure is in alignment with that long and proud tradition," said Scott Beckstead, campaign director. "The fact is that Oregon consistently ranks in the top two or three nationwide in terms of the strength of our animal protection laws and by passing this measure we have an opportunity to continue that tradition."

The group will hold similar rallies across the state to drum up support.

The law would be similar to those already in place in both California and Washington.