Sad that Measure 100 necessary

The Register-Guard’s Sept. 29 editorial, “Help end a gruesome trade,” was informative and awareness-raising. It saddens me that there even exists the tragedy that necessitates Measure 100 and the editorial to promote it.

I devoted more than 40 years to wildlife research, the first 10 of those studying African elephant behavior and vocalizations. I am, perhaps more than most, unable to comprehend the self-oriented greed that compels humanity to covet the products of animals for decorative augmentation or useless medical applications and then their own self-aggrandizement — especially those products that result in the brutal slaughter of some of the most magnificent creatures on Earth in their acquisition.

This includes elephants, rhinoceroses, pangolins, hornbills and too many other species.

Hey, you: Look in the mirror and see who looks back at you. Are you one of those? Be abased if you are.

A quote from my 1974 zoology textbook is a critical reminder to us all: “We need to remember that Nature can do without man, but man cannot exist without Nature.”

Think about it — and then vote yes on Measure 100 to restrain intrastate trade of products obtained through trafficking in wildlife.