Rep. Gomberg weighs in on general election state ballot measures

I’ve always believed I should tell people where I stand on difficult issues, and why I stand there.

With the Nov. 8 general election looming, this a good time to outline six of the measures you will be voting on next month. Some of these are referrals from the Legislature that require voter approval. Others are initiatives that were submitted by signed petitions for you to vote on. All of them are important and deserving of your careful consideration.

Measure 100

Measure 100 would prohibit the sale of products from 12 species of endangered animals.

It sounds crazy, but this is a major issue in Oregon, where illegal ivory, horns, animal paws, turtle shells and shark fins are exported to Asia. I strongly supported this bill in the Legislature, but time ran out to pass it. Advocates then collected signatures to place it on your ballot. I remain a strong supporter.

The Humane Society of the United States is a major sponsor of this initiative, and has three times named me Oregon Legislator of the Year.

Ballots should arrive in late October. You will also receive your Oregon Voter’s Pamphlet. This is a unique election, where nearly all of our statewide offices will be selected. We will help choose a new president, and across the state, we’ll fill offices for county commissions, judges, city councils, school boards and a variety of other important local positions. Remind your friends and neighbors to be sure and vote!

Since 2013, Rep. David Gomberg (D-Otis) has represented portions of Tillamook and Lincoln counties in Oregon’s 10th House District. He is owner and president of Gomberg Kite Productions, which includes kite stores in Lincoln City and Seaside, and an internationally renowned kite flier. He is a past executive director of the Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce.