Protect wildlife

This fall, Oregon has a chance to play a big role in the global fight against wildlife trafficking. In 2015, voters in Washington state passed a landmark measure to ban the trade of products from 10 wildlife species, including elephants, rhinos, several big cats and marine creatures like sea turtles and rays. California in 2015, passed a ban on ivory and rhino horn in its state legislature, and Hawaii followed suit this year.

Oregon is the last West Coast state left to take action against wildlife trafficking. Endangered wildlife parts often come by boat from overseas, and it’s up to us to make sure that they do not come into our state. If we are unable to pass this measure, it could result in a funnel effect that will see more and more products from these animals being smuggled into Oregon. It is our turn. It’s more than just for Oregon, this is our opportunity to shut down the entire West Coast.

Sue Dougherty