Oregon Statewide Ballot Initiatives

Measure 100: Sale of wildlife parts or products

Measure 100: Prohibits purchase or sale of parts or products from certain wildlife species; exceptions; civil penalties

Summary: Existing Oregon law does not prohibit sale of wildlife parts/products for non native species, except shark fins. Existing federal law does not prohibit intrastate sales of wildlife parts, with exceptions. Measure amends ORS 498.022 to prohibit purchase, sale, or possession with intent to sell of parts/products from elephant, rhinoceros, whale, tiger, lion, leopard, cheetah, jaguar, pangolin, sea turtle, shark, ray. Imposes civil penalties. Creates exceptions: law enforcement activities; activities authorized by federal law; fish managed under federal plan; certain antiques (over l00 years old) and musical instruments with less than 200 grams of parts; noncommercial transfers through estates, trusts, gifts; possession by tribal members. Other exceptions. Fish and Wildlife Commission may adopt rules, including prohibiting purchase/sale of parts "closely" resembling listed species parts.

Sponsors: Save Endangered Animals Coalition (main donor: Humane Society)

Endorsed in Support: US Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D), Bruce Starr (R, Oregon state Sen. 2002-2015), Thomas M. Hughes (President, Metro Council), Democratic Party of Oregon, Defend Oregon, Born Free USA; Defenders of Wildlife; National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, Environmental Investigation Agency (an international organization not affiliated with a government), WildAid, Center for Biological Diversity, Humane Society International, Oregon Humane Society, Paul G. Allen (yes, the billionaire), Daily Astorian, Mail-Tribune, The Oregonian, Willamette Week, Register-Guard, Gov. Kate Brown, and a thundering herd of other public officials.

Funding in support: Defend Oregon; Save Endangered Animals, including about $300K from the Humane Society of the US

Official opponents: none

Endorsed in opposition: Bend Bulletin, Elephant Protection Association (ivory collectors and traders)

Funding in opposition: none listed.