Newspapers Across Oregon Agree: Vote YES on 100

Oregon Newspaper Endorsements

The Oregonian
East Oregonian
The Register-Guard
Portland Tribune
Medford Mail Tribune
Coos Bay World
Willamette Week
The Daily Astorian
Herald and News
Portland Mercury
Corvallis Gazette-Times
Albany Democrat Herald
The News Register
Woodburn Independent
Tigard & Tualatin Times
Newberg Graphic
The News Times
Gresham Outlook
The Lake Oswego Review
Beaverton Valley Times
Newport News Times
The Skanner
Ashland Daily Tiding

The Oregonian: “Rational exceptions are listed in the measure to allow certain law enforcement activities, the possession of antiques over 100 years old, and noncommercial transfers through gifts, among others. But the heart of the measure is sane, simple and overdue: Let's help stop the carnage. Vote yes.”


The Medford Mail Tribune: “California and Washington have enacted laws against such trade. It's time for Oregon to join with them in cracking down on trade that hastens the decline of many beloved animal species around the world, including elephants, whales, jaguars, lions, leopards, cheetahs and sea turtles.”


The Tillamook County Pioneer: “Measure 100 would prohibit the sale of products from 12 species of endangered animals … It sounds crazy, but this is a major issue in Oregon, where illegal ivory, horns, animal paws, turtle shells and shark fins are exported to Asia.”


The Eugene Register-Guard:"Poaching endangered animals is big business, and a dirty one — among illegally trafficked goods, only drugs, weapons and humans generate larger dollar volumes, and those who deal in one of these forms of contraband often deal in the others as well, corrupting governments and funding criminal enterprises. The poaching will continue as long as there is demand for animal parts.”


The Pamplin Media: “And, yes it’s true that in most cases there are already federal bans on many of these items. But it’s also true that in Oregon it’s much more likely for law enforcement to encounter endangered animal parts on sale within state lines, instead of on the docks. Under current law, once those products are through the port of entry, the state has no ability to ban their sale.” East Oregonian, Daily Astorian, Portland Tribune, The News-Register, The Woodburn Independent, The Tigard & Tualatin Times, The Newberg Graphic, The News Times, The Lake Oswego Review, Beaverton Valley Times, Gresham Outlook


The Albany Democrat Herald & Corvallis Gazette-Times: “The measure would plug an odd hole in existing Oregon law …. The measure does include common-sense exceptions; for example, if you've inherited an antique piece that contains, say, ivory, Measure 100 won't turn you into a criminal… Passing Measure 100 in Oregon could fuel similar efforts in other states, and that could make a big difference. We recommend a "yes" vote on Measure 100.”


The Coos Bay World:“Measure 100 to prohibit the sale of products from and parts of 12 species of endangered animals. We recommend voting yes…”


The Willamette Week: “But at worst, this is a measure that would make sport hunters think twice before trying to sell their big-game trophies. (It doesn't ban possession, so you won't have to worry about your ivory key chain.) At best, it could discourage international traffickers from making a home base here. Score one for Cecil the Lion, and vote yes.”


Oregon Family Council: “Consider the story of Noah. God not only preserved human life in the ark, but the animals, too. In its essence Measure 100 seeks to protect exotic animals that are trafficked solely for profit.”


Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon: “We believe an Oregon prohibition on the purchase and sale of parts or products from endangered animals would help shrink an illegal wildlife trade that destroys life, undermines the developing world’s economic potential, and is environmentally ruinous.”