Narrow measures, wide impacts: Editorial Endorsements 2016

Oregonians face key choices on seven ballot measures this year. Five of the measures are considered here, while Measure 97 and Measure 98 — each with significant potential longterm financial impacts — will be discussed in separate editorials. That doesn't make this group of five any less important, however. From veterans' benefits to higher education finances, the consequences of each count to all Oregonians.

MEASURE 100: YES. Oregon law allows for the intrastate sale of parts of non-native animal species, including things taken from tigers, jaguars, sea turtles, elephants and rhinoceroses. Only shark fins are illegal. This measure would halt traffic in the horns and tusks and teeth and shells and pelts of so many at-risk species worldwide, with Oregon joining other states with similar laws. Rational exceptions are listed in the measure to allow certain law enforcement activities, the possession of antiques over 100 years old, and noncommercial transfers through gifts, among others. But the heart of the measure is sane, simple and overdue: Let's help stop the carnage. Vote yes.