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Narrow measures, wide impacts: Editorial Endorsements 2016

The Oregonian · Sep 28, 2016

Oregonians face key choices on seven ballot measures this year. Five of the measures are considered here, while Measure 97 and Measure 98 — each with significant potential longterm financial impacts — will be discussed in separate editorials. That doesn't make this group of five any less important, however. From veterans' benefits to higher education finances, the consequences of each count to all Oregonians.

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Our view: Vote Yes on Measure 100

East Oregonian · Sep 27, 2016

There are plenty of controversial decisions to be made in November, but Measure 100 is not one of them.

The Wildlife Trafficking Prevention Act would prohibit the sale of products and parts from 12 endangered animals in Oregon. Those animals are rhinos, cheetahs, tigers, sea turtles, lions, elephants, whales, sharks, pangolins, jaguars, rays and leopards.

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Oregonians can do their part for wildlife by voting yes on Measure 100 · Sep 04, 2016

By Brad Nahill

Oregon is generally considered a pro-environment state and, in many ways, it is. Our state is rich in windmills, protected natural areas and wildlife.

But there is one way that the Beaver State falls short: It is currently legal to sell parts of endangered wildlife, including things like turtle shell jewelry (made from the shell of the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle), ivory from elephants and shark fins.

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Anti-wildlife trafficking measure becomes YES on 100

(Aug. 5, 2016)—Today, a citizen initiative that recently qualified for the November ballot to protect 12 of the most magnificent and imperiled animals in the world officially launches the second phase of their campaign as YES on 100! The Save Endangered Animals—Oregon measure, sponsored by U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, former State Senator Bruce Starr and Metro Council President Tom Hughes, prohibits the sale of products and parts from sea turtles, sharks, rays, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs and other imperiled animals.

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Measure To Curb Endangered Animal Poaching On Oregon November Ballot · Jul 29, 2016

A measure that aims to curb wildlife trafficking qualified for Oregon’s November ballot yesterday (Thursday). The petition received almost 25-thousand more signatures than was necessary for the Secretary of State’s office to approve it.

The Save Endangered Animals Oregon campaign began collecting signatures after a previous bill to help endangered species failed in the state legislature in February.

Scott Beckstead with campaign says there will be consequences for those who participate in this illegal trade market.

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Save Endangered Animals—Oregon measure to curb wildlife trafficking qualifies for November ballot

(July 27, 2016) — A citizen initiative to protect 12 types of imperiled animals will appear on the November ballot, with the Oregon Secretary of State certifying the Save Endangered Animals—Oregon Act.

The measure backed by Save Endangered Animals—Oregon would prohibit the sale of products and parts from sea turtles, sharks, rays, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs and other critically threatened or endangered animals. The United States is among the world’s largest markets for wildlife products and endangered species products are found for sale in Oregon.

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Protect wildlife

The Bulletin · Jul 26, 2016

This fall, Oregon has a chance to play a big role in the global fight against wildlife trafficking. In 2015, voters in Washington state passed a landmark measure to ban the trade of products from 10 wildlife species, including elephants, rhinos, several big cats and marine creatures like sea turtles and rays. California in 2015, passed a ban on ivory and rhino horn in its state legislature, and Hawaii followed suit this year.

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End traffic in endangered species

The Register-Guard · Jul 22, 2016

Since January, I’ve spent a few hours every weekend collecting signatures for the Save Endangered Animals Oregon ballot measure, which would prohibit the sale of products and parts from sea turtles, sharks, rays, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs and other critically threatened or endangered species.

By the end, I had collected nearly 1,500 signatures in the Eugene area. 

I found it amazing how universally supported this measure is among Oregon voters.

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Saving pangolins

The Oregonian · Jul 16, 2016

When we talk about wildlife trafficking, we most often think of iconic animals like elephants, rhinos and big cats – and saving these animals is undeniably urgent. But very few people know that the most heavily trafficked mammal in the world is a mysterious little creature called the pangolin, or "the scaly anteater."  Pangolins are covered in a thick scaly exterior that provides them with protection against most predators, but this tough exterior is no match for the sophisticated and deadly poaching techniques being used by their worst enemy, humans.

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