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Measure 100 would ban sales of ivory and other animal parts in Oregon · Oct 28, 2016

Animal advocates are asking Oregon voters this fall to ban sales of parts from a dozen animal species, including ivory from elephants and rhinoceroses.

Shark fins are the only animal product from a non-native species currently banned from sale in Oregon, according to the state voter's pamphlet. Measure 100 would ban sales of 12 additional species: elephants, rhinoceroses, whales, tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, pangolins, sea turtles and rays. It would also prohibit the sales of any part of a shark.

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Election endorsements at a glance

Eugene Weekly · Oct 27, 2016

• Measure 100 would prohibit the sale of products from and parts of 12 species of endangered animals. Yes.

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Festival Wrap: Portland EcoFilm Festival 2016 · Oct 26, 2016

An ecstatic crowd greeted 2016’s Portland EcoFilm Festival, which took place at Portland, Oregon’s historic Hollywood Theatre from October 20-23. The event focused heavily on the ways in which we understand our connection with the environment.

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The Portland Mercury Endorsement: Yes on Measure 100 (Oregon Wildlife Trafficking Prevention) · Oct 21, 2016

MEASURE 100 (Oregon Wildlife Trafficking Prevention): YES


With measure 100, Oregonians are asked whether to ban the sale of animal parts from 12 endangered animals: rhinoceroses, cheetahs, tigers, sea turtles, lions, elephants, whales, sharks, pangolins(!), jaguars, rays, and leopards.


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Vote Yes on Measure 100

Newport News Times · Oct 21, 2016

While this election season has left many voters confused and with a plate full of difficult decisions, Measure 100 should not be one of them.

As the home of the Hatfield Marine Science Center, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, and the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Lincoln County should have no problem voting yes for the Wildlife Trafficking Prevention Act.

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Vote Yes on 100

The Lake Oswego Review · Oct 20, 2016

When Oregonians hear that elephants, rhinos and other non-native animals are victims of a mass poaching crisis, referred to as “wildlife genocide,” many think it is a problem that is worlds away. But Measure 100 reveals the shocking truth that poaching is driven by the demand for an animal’s parts and products, such as elephant ivory, and that wildlife trafficking is right in our own backyards because the demand in Oregon exists and we are the only West Coast state that has not enacted strict measures to prevent or combat it.

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Street Roots' 2016 endorsements: Ballot measures · Oct 20, 2016

Yes on Measure 97. Yes For Affordable Homes. And more endorsements on local and statewide ballot measures.

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State measures: Our take on what's on the Nov. 8 ballot · Oct 20, 2016

The biggest item among the seven statewide ballot measures on the Nov. 8 ballot is Measure 97, which would add a 2.5 percent gross tax on the sales of any business with sales in Oregon of more than $25 million a year. It would apply to businesses headquartered in Oregon as well as those headquartered elsewhere and generate about $3 billion a year for the state’s general fund.

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The Skanner News Endorsements

The Skanner · Oct 20, 2016


MEASURE 100 would prohibit the sale of products from and parts of 12 species of endangered animals.


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The Source Weekly's Endorsements for 2016 Ballot Measures · Oct 19, 2016

Measure 9-110: Yes


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    City of Bend - Recreational Marijuana Sales Tax

    Should Bend impose a 3 percent tax on the sale of recreational marijuana?

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