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Ballot measures on conservation, clean energy, and transit did surprisingly well in 2016 · Nov 16, 2016

The election of Donald Trump and a GOP Congress will very likely be devastating for federal environmental policy. But that’s not the only environmental news from the election.

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Oregonians vote to fight wildlife trafficking · Nov 11, 2016

Measure 100 — an Oregon initiative to ban the sale of products made from some of the world’s most imperiled animals — has passed overwhelmingly with 70 percent of the statewide vote.

Following the passage of similar laws in California and Washington, Oregon voters have effectively closed the west coast of the U.S. for trade in elephant ivory, rhino horn and other highly trafficked wildlife products.

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Most popular candidate on Oregon ballot by far? Vets · Nov 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton triumphed in Oregon, but fell short of breaking the million-vote ceiling, according to vote tallies as of noon Wednesday.

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Split votes on gun ballot measures bring mixed results on both sides · Nov 09, 2016

Voters in California, Nevada, Washington and Oregon approved stricter gun control initiatives while those in Maine, Kansas and Indiana leaned towards protecting the Second Amendment.

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The 12 most prolific state ballot measure issues of Election Day · Nov 09, 2016

Animal rights and hunting (five states)


Indiana: Public Question 1 (legislative amendment) provides the constitutional right to hunt and fish. Passed.


Kansas: Constitutional Amendment 1: gives constitutional right to hunt and fish. Passed.


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Oregon Ballot Measures: Measure 98, 99 pass · Nov 08, 2016

A major education spending proposal, overshadowed on the fall ballot by a contentious fight over corporate taxes, appeared headed to an easy victory according to partial returns Tuesday.

Measure 98, leading 65 percent to 34 percent, was billed as an antidote for Oregon's 74 percent high school graduation rate, third-worst in the nation.

It will pump $150 million a year, roughly $800 per student, into a fund to help high schools drive graduation rates higher.

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Update: Measure 97 defeated; most others pass · Nov 08, 2016

SALEM, Ore. - The biggest proposed tax hike in Oregon history, Measure 97, was defeated by by voters in updated results Wednesday, but most other measures were approved by voters.

The 2.5 percent increase in corporate minimum tax for sales over $25 million lost 59 percent no to 40 percent in favor, with more than 1.8 million ballots counted.


Opponents and supporters of Measure 97 battled bitterly during a campaign in which the two sides raised about $25 million.

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Oregon voters approve array of measures · Nov 08, 2016

PORTLAND — A ballot measure that would have taxed Oregon businesses with $25 million or more in sales failed Tuesday, but voters approved ballot measures on an array of other issues.

Measures covering everything from guaranteed outdoor school for Oregon middle schoolers to additional funding for veterans' services to whether public universities should be allowed to play the stock market got the thumbs up at the polls.

Aside from Measure 97 — the tax measure — the only other measure to fail was one that would have lifted ban on state judges serving beyond the age of 75.

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Yes on 100

Hood River News · Nov 02, 2016

African elephants and rhinos may seem far away, but Measure 100 is a way to help protect them. Poaching endangered animal parts is big business, and a cruel one. Among illegally trafficked goods, only drugs, weapons, and human trafficking generate larger dollar volumes worldwide.

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Election 2016: Summary of The Register-Guard recommendations · Oct 31, 2016

The following is a summary of recommendations The Register-Guard has made to voters for the Nov. 8 general election. The editors are fallible human beings who stand an average chance of being wrong. However, these recommendations are made after sincere appraisals of the choices on the ballot.

No recommendations are listed in uncontested races. An archive of news articles and editorials relating to the election can be reviewed at

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