Measure to protect endangered animals

Oregonians love animals, and we have a long, proud history of passing laws to protect them. That’s why among all 50 states, Oregon is ranked second in the strength of its animal welfare laws. Now we have a chance to continue that tradition by passing Measure 100 to ban the commercial trade in the parts and products of our most cherished and iconic wildlife species.

Federal rules and laws can only go so far in closing down illegal wildlife trafficking. Measure 100 closes an important loophole in existing law by imposing serious penalties on anyone caught trying to traffic in endangered animal parts within our state, thereby augmenting and bolstering federal enforcement efforts.

With California and Washington having already passed similar laws, passing Measure 100 will mean the entire West Coast will become far less hospitable to the poachers, smugglers and profiteers in search of local markets and driving our world’s animals to extinction. The measure also includes common sense exemptions for bona fide antiques, musical instruments and use of these products by native tribes.

Oregonians rank the global poaching crisis among their top animal welfare concerns, yet often feel powerless to stop it. Now, with Measure 100, we have a chance to do our part and take a leadership role in protecting elephants, rhinos, big cats, whales and other imperiled animals. Please vote yes on Measure 100.

Scott Beckstead