Letters to the Editor

Saving pangolins

When we talk about wildlife trafficking, we most often think of iconic animals like elephants, rhinos and big cats – and saving these animals is undeniably urgent. But very few people know that the most heavily trafficked mammal in the world is a mysterious little creature called the pangolin, or "the scaly anteater."  Pangolins are covered in a thick scaly exterior that provides them with protection against most predators, but this tough exterior is no match for the sophisticated and deadly poaching techniques being used by their worst enemy, humans.

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The state of Washington took a giant step toward protecting endangered species, and now Oregonians can do the same.

Right now, poachers and traffickers exploit weak laws and regulations to sell ivory, rhino horn, sea turtle shells and other endangered species’ parts with little risk of being caught or prosecuted. Consumer demand (including here in Oregon) gives poachers and traffickers incentive to kill more of these endangered animals to make more money.