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“We must do all that we can to protect our world’s most iconic and endangered wildlife from extinction. Oregonians can do their part by voting YES on Measure 100 to take a strong stand against poaching and wildlife trafficking.”

-Earl Blumenauer, U.S. Representative, chief petitioner

“I’m proud of Oregon’s widely known reputation of protecting threatened species. State law should reflect these values.”

-Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon

"I strongly supported this bill in the Legislature, but time ran out to pass it. Advocates then collected signatures to place it on your ballot. I remain a strong supporter."

-David Gomberg, State Representative (10th District)

"The United States is among the world's top markets for trafficked wildlife goods. Only by cracking down on demand for endangered species products and parts can we stop the slaughter of many iconic and charismatic animals like elephants, sea turtles and lions. Oregonians can help tackle this global problem by supporting the Save Endangered Animals Oregon ballot measure and join fellow West Coast states in California and Washington that have enacted strict measures to combat wildlife trafficking."

-Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States

"We know many iconic wildlife species are being slaughtered by poachers, primarily due to demand for their parts and products. As the second largest market for wildlife products, the United States is certainly contributing to this crisis. This ballot measure is a chance for Oregonians to do their part and help protect 12 of the most iconic and endangered groups of wild animals by shutting down the market for their products in the state"

-Jeff Flocken, North America Regional Director International Fund for Animal Welfare

"Every day, many of our planet's most iconic endangered species are being slaughtered for their shells, horns, skins and other body parts. We can play an important role, right here in Oregon, in stopping this tragic bloodbath by supporting the ballot initiative from Save Endangered Animals Oregon to prevent the trade and sale, in our state, of products and parts from 12 of these magnificent animals, including sea turtles, pangolins, rhinos and elephants. We must act to preserve these species for future generations."

-Tara Easter, Scientist at Center for Biological Diversity

"The demise of any species is an irreparable loss that deprives the world of a unique creature. We urge voters to support the ballot measure offered by Save Endangered Animals Oregon. Oregonians can make a difference and help save threatened animals from poaching, cruelty and the threat of extinction. "

-Oregon Humane Society

"For generations, the Oregon Zoo has inspired people to care about threatened and endangered species from around the world. This measure gives Oregonians an opportunity to take action to help protect elephants, rhinos, and many species from the threat of extinction. A yes vote is a clear signal that Oregon is serious about saving wildlife."

-Oregon Zoo Foundation

"Elephants have complex emotions and social structures. We know now that they are not so different than we are. Yet we have a real problem here in Oregon trading ivory that leads to the death of even more of these magnificent creatures. This is why the campaign with Save Endangered Animals Oregon is so important to us. As a group devoted to the protection of elephants we urge you to join this campaign to help us protect elephants and the 11 other endangered species this measure represents such as rhinos, lions, leopards and cheetah among others. What we cannot do alone, we can do together."

-Debbie Ethell, Executive Director of The KOTA Foundation

Endorsing Organizations

Newspaper Endorsements

The Oregonian
East Oregonian
The Register-Guard
Portland Tribune
Medford Mail Tribune
Coos Bay World
Willamette Week
The Daily Astorian
Herald and News
Portland Mercury
Corvallis Gazette-Times
Albany Democrat Herald
The News Register
Woodburn Independent
Tigard & Tualatin Times
Newberg Graphic
The News Times
The Skanner
Gresham Outlook
The Lake Oswego Review
Beaverton Valley Times
Newport News Times
Ashland Daily Tiding

Organizational/Business Endorsements

Ace Computer Repair
African Wildlife Foundation
Animal Aid
Animals Are Sentient Beings, Inc
Audubon Society of Portland
Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon
Association of Zoos and Aquariums
Bend Veterinary Clinic
Bendy Dog
Best Friends Animal Hospital, Talent
Big Life Foundation
Born Free USA
Center for Biological Diversity
Coalition Advocating for Animals
Cornbread Cafe
Defenders of Wildlife
Democratic Party of Oregon
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Endangered Habitats League
Elephant Aid International
Elephant Voices
Environmental Investigation Agency
Environmental Protection Information Center
Escape Your Chaos LLC
Forge Humanity
Funny Farm Early Learning Center
Global Sanctuary for Elephants
Gomber Kite Productions, International Inc
Greenhill Humane Society
Humane Oregon
Humane Society International
Humane Society Legislative Fund
Humane Society of Central Oregon
Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association
International Fund for Animal Welfare
International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
Justice for Wolves
Kuebler No Frills Pet Clinic
LaPaw Animal Hospital
Long Island Orchestrating for Nature
Lotus Moon Boutique
Mertens Mammals, LLC
McKenzie Animal Hospital
Moms Advocating Sustainability
National Wildlife Federation
Never Again Coalition
Northeast Oregon Ecosystems
Oceanic Preservation Society
Oregon Coast Aquarium
Oregon Humane Society
Oregon Sierra Club
Oregon Wild
Oregon Wildlife Society
Oregon Zoo Foundation
Paradigm Salon
Performing Animal Welfare Society
Picture Perfect
Predator Defense
RESTORE: The North Woods
Riversidde Animal Hospital
Sea Shepherd
Second Nature Garden Design
SEE Turtles
Southern Oregon Animal Rights Society
Tancho Images
The Cheerful Vet, LLC
The Elephant Sanctuary
The Humane Society of the United States
The KOTA Foundation
Tusk Task Force
Village at Main Veterinary Hospital
Walden's Puddle Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center
WildEarth Guardians
Wildlife Conservation Society
Wildlife Impact
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah

Elected Official Endorsements

Governor Kate Brown
Former U.S. Senator Gordon Smith
Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian
Republican Candidate for Governor Bud Pierce
Former Republican Candidate for Governor Ron Saxton
U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer
U.S. Representative Kurt Schrader
Senate President Peter Courtney
Senate President Pro Tempore Diane Rosenbaum
Former Senator Jason Atkinson
Senator Ginny Burdick
Senator Richard Devlin
Senator Mark Hass
Senator Jackie Winters
Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Senator Sara Gelser
Senator Michael Dembrow
Former Senator Charles Starr
Former Senator Bruce Starr
Former Senator Chris Telfer
House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson
Representative Knute Buehler
Representative John Davis
Representative Ken Helm
Representative David Gomberg
Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer
Representative Brent Barton
Representative Dan Rayfield
Representative Rob Nosse
Representative Kathleen Taylor
Representative Ann Lininger
Representative Paul Holvey
Representative Jeff Barker
Representative Val Hoyle
Former Representative Lane Shetterly
Former Representative Scott Bruun
Former Representative Derrick Kitts

Veterinary Endorsements

Linx Alexanderson, DVM
Jamie Arvizo, DVM
John C. Bachmann, DVM, Oceanside Veterinary Hospital
Katie Bahr, DVM
Jean Battig, DVM
Crystal Bloodworth, DVM
Jerilynn Booher, DVM
Cierra Buer, DVM
Jessica Casey, BVSC
Erin Castle, DVM
Laura Chang, DVM, Vet to Pet
Laura Cochrane, DVM
Aiden Costello, DVM
Cecile Coulon, DVM
Barb Crabbe, DVM
Jean Cypher, DVM, Rowena Wildlife Clinic
Meridith Dawson, DVM
Ken DeRemer, DVM
Martha DeWees, DVM
Heather Dillon, DVM
Sue Dougherty, DVM
Andrea Frost, DVM
Marcia Fulton, DVM
Kenneth Genova, DVM
Ingrid Hamann, DVM
Lisa Harrenstien, DVM, Avian & Exotic Veterinary Care
Donna M. Harris, DVM
Mary Herrera, DVM
Kristina Hogg, DVM
Rebecca Jester, DVM
David Johnson, DVM
J. Ingrid Kessler, DVM
Wendy Krebs, DVM
Janet Ladyga, DVM
Deborah LaPaugh, DVM
Lisa Last, DVM
Jennifer Leddy, DVM
Patricia London, DVM
Byron Maas, DVM
Robert Mack, DVM
Matthew Marasco, DVM
Kimberly Maun, DVM
Wendy Merideth, DVM
Katharine V. Mertens, DVM
Louise Mesher, DVM
Sarah Naidoo, DVM
Jeff Nickel, DVM
Nell Ostermeier, DVM
Letitia Posey, DVM
Greg Robbins, DVM
Gretchen Rowe, DVM
Sierra Schneider, DVM
Rep. Kurt Schrader, DVM
Rebecca Scott, DVM, Overlook Veterinary Hospital
Scott Shaw, DVM
Courtney Smith, DVM
Lauren Smith, DVM, Hart Road Animal Hospital
Sheri Speede, DVM
Jaime Thurk, DVM
Zoe Tokar, DVM
Preston Turano, DVM
Marie Vandaveer, DVM
Dickie Vest, DVM
Keith Weingardt, DVM
Ross Weinstein, DVM
Anne-Marie Wiest, DVM
Kristine Willaman, DVM
Isabel Wyss, DVM
West Salem Animal Clinic