Election 2016: Summary of The Register-Guard recommendations

The following is a summary of recommendations The Register-Guard has made to voters for the Nov. 8 general election. The editors are fallible human beings who stand an average chance of being wrong. However, these recommendations are made after sincere appraisals of the choices on the ballot.

No recommendations are listed in uncontested races. An archive of news articles and editorials relating to the election can be reviewed at www.registerguard.com.


Federal offices

U.S. President: Hillary Clinton, Democrat

U.S. Senate: Ron Wyden, Democrat

U.S. House, 4th District: Peter DeFazio, Democrat


State offices

Governor: Kate Brown, Democrat

Secretary of State: Dennis Richardson, Republican

Treasurer: Jeff Gudman, Republican

Attorney General: Ellen Rosenblum, Democrat

Oregon Senate, District 5: Arnie Roblan, Democrat

State Representative, District 7: Cedric Hayden, Republican

State Representative, District 8: Paul Holvey, Democrat

State Representative, District 9: Caddy McKeown, Democrat

State Representative, District 11: Phil Barnhart, Democrat

State Representative, District 12: John Lively, Democrat

State Representative, District 13: Nancy Nathanson, Democrat

State Representative, District 14: Kathy Lamberg, Republican

Eugene, Springfield offices

Eugene City Council, Ward 1: Joshua Skov

Springfield City Council, Ward 3: Sean Dunn


State measures

Measure 94: State court judges are currently required to retire at age 75. The measure would repeal the mandatory retirement age: Yes

Measure 95: The state Constitution may currently prevent universities from investing operating funds in stocks and other instruments. This measure would clarify universities’ authority to make such investments: Yes

Measure 96: Dedicates 1.5 percent of Oregon Lottery funds to programs serving military veterans: Yes

Measure 97: Imposes a 2.5 percent gross receipts tax on certain corporations with annual sales of $25 million or more: No

Measure 98: Requires the Legislature to budget $800 per year for each Oregon high school student for the purpose of funding career and technical education and other programs to promote high school completion: Yes

Measure 99: Dedicates a portion of lottery funds to support Outdoor School: No

Measure 100: Prohibits the sale of body parts taken from endangered animals whose tusks, horns, skins or other parts are widely trafficked, with some exceptions: Yes